This is the administrative guide to Cepheus-CEP.


  • JAVA 8
  • Maven 2 (for building only)

Building from source

Get the code from the Github:

git clone
cd fiware-cepheus/cepheus-cep

To build a standalone JAR and Debian package, you need maven:

mvn clean package


To install the Cepheus-CEP, you just have to download the standalone JAR.

Download from Sonatype Central repository with Maven

If you have maven, you can run the following command:

mvn dependency:get -DartifactId=cepheus-cep -Dversion=XXXX -Dtransitive=false

where XXXX is the version you want, like 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT or LATEST.

Download from Sonatype Central repository using wget

If you don't have maven installed on your machine, you can still download the standalone JAR using wget or any browser:

wget -O cepheus-cep.jar ""


Cepheus-CEP is a SpringBoot application. You can run either run it directly from the source with maven:

mvn spring-boot:run

or from the standalone JAR:

java -jar cepheus-cep.jar

Debian package

The Cepheus-CEP is also provided in a preconfigured Debian package to ease deployment on Debian and Raspbian systems.


Download the Debian package from Sonatype Central repository using wget:

wget -O cepheus-cep.deb ""


Install using dpkg:

dpkg -i cepheus-cep.deb

The package will automatically:

  • place the standalone JAR under /usr/lib/cepheus
  • setup configuration file under /etc/cepheus/
  • add a cepheus-cep init.d startup script under /etc/init.d/cepheus-cep
  • start the cepheus-cep on startup of the machine on port 8080
  • put logs under /var/log/cepheus/cep.log
  • put data under /var/cepheus/cep.json


To start and stop the Cepheus-CEP daemon, use the common service command:

service cepheus-cep start
service cepheus-cep stop
service cepheus-cep restart


You modify some application settings either editing:

  • the src/main/resources/ file when building from the source,
  • an external configuration like /etc/cepheus/ from the Debian package.

This is a short list of the application properties:

NameDescriptionDefault value
server.portport used8080
data.pathpath to store data/tmp/
subscriptionManager.periodicityPeriodicity of the subscription manager task300000
subscriptionManager.durationDuration of a NGSI subscriptionPT1H levelINFO

Please look at the src/main/resources/ for all the properties and their default values.

Command line parameters

You can modify all the application properties from the command line:

java -jar cepheus-cep.jar --property=value


java -jar cepheus-cep.jar --server.port=8080 --data.path=/var/cepheus/

External configuration file

If you want to customize application properties after the application has been packaged, you can override the default properties in an external properties file.

You can either:

  • Put a in the current path . or under ./config/,
  • or specify a custom location for the file using --spring.config.location:

    java -jar cepheus.cep.jar --spring.config.location=/etc/cepheus/

Data file

The Cepheus-CEP loads its data on startup and saves back data updates to a single JSON file. The default location of the data file is defined by the data.file property. This Cepheus-CEP process must have write access rights on this file.

Metrics and health

You can enable the Spring Boot Actuator /infos, /health and /metrics endpoints with these application properties:

Metrics will include the metrics for each EPL statement with the following data: cpuTime, wallTime,numInput and numOutputIStream.

User guide

The complete user & programming guide can be found here